Who We Are

Hi! Our names are Nick and Janelle and in February of 2023 we made the last payment of our mortgage and became financially free! Working together as a team we were able to pay off our $103,500 mortgage loan in 3.5 years. For the first year we both had full time middle class jobs (banking and RN) but about two years living in our home my husband changed careers and a beautiful baby boy joined our family and I dropped down to working only one day a week. 15 months later another beautiful baby boy joined our family! I say this to show that lot of variables in life may change but our budgeting process stayed consistent and even though we had to become slightly more flexible on the timeline we were still able to tackle a huge financial accomplishment in a short time period. To be honest the first year and a half of homeownership we had no budget plan and it showed. But once we were serious at accomplishing our goals and creating a solid budget plan there was no stopping us!!